The Mengniu foundry points dirty and messy food poisoning Stopped to each other?

In recent years, Mengniu food safety issues have never stopped to aflatoxin from food poisoning, food safety incidents of the past three years, six, enough to stimulate the consumer’s fragile nerves. Recently, Mengniu the reoccurrence food security gate, as always, once again a public apology. Every apology, to regard the consumer’s trust torn apart, so that consumers despaired over Chinese dairy products, this is deeply hurt.

June 17, a graphic record of the net posts Mengniu ice cream foundry business days auxiliary Dairy knowledge, including the surrounding environment, production workshop area, the health status of the dirty and messy, eyesight As a result, shocking, it nausea. Mengniu Dairy yesterday on its official microblogging public apology and publish the results of their investigations, recognizing the environmental management of the dirty and messy violations, and noted that the plant has been required rectification, the responsible person is suspended from their duties. But noted that whistleblowers reflect sampling failure rate is not true.

China food poisoning each other Stopped?

An apology is always so late on the grounds can not be satisfactory. Food safety incidents are often the media exposure was found, and occasionally regulatory disclosure, corporate initiative to publish the information statement products does not seem to. It’s no wonder corporate apology lack of social forgiveness.

Food in the mouth, regardless of steamed rice, vegetables and fish to eat every day, or a variety of the concept of water and health care products, are related to human health, related to life safety. But is such an important thing or a bad business fraud poisoning strike out of the country’s social opinion torture is still blocked the frequency of the phenomenon of food safety incidents.

Many food safety incidents, sigh: China has entered a mutual poison era. Steamed eat dumplings, fried the headline eat fritters, a filling water drink water … but, steamed buns, perhaps buy a deep-fried fritters, bought a filling water, so China went into a chain of mutual poisoning each unscrupulous businesses are one of them, who can escape this circle. Professional social division of labor, so that each person is no longer an island.

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