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Third largest food producer in the world.

Temmuz 18, 2012

The corporate history of power began in 1903 when the farmer’s son James Lewis force in Chicago with a starting capital of $ 60 a cheese trading up. On 30 Offered in October 1988 in one of the largest acquisitions ever in the U.S., Philip Morris, which later renamed Altria Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of tobacco products (Philip Morris, Marlboro), a purchase price of 13.1 billion U.S. dollars for the company. The purchase was in December for an amount of 12.9 billion U.S. dollars.

In March 1989, combined power and General Foods, a division of Kraft General Foods Inc. A year later, the parent company, the chocolate manufacturer and coffee roaster Jacobs Suchard. Kraft General Foods and Jacobs Suchard Europe were merged in 1993 to Kraft Jacobs Suchard. In 2000 the Group acquired Nabisco, a global leader in biscuits, cakes and snacks. Power product logo and a former company logo Jacobs logo on the Tivoli High House in Bremen, one of the best known brands combined. International food company and third largest food producer in the world.

End of March 2007 broke the power of Altria Group, among other things, that the force is not affected by lawsuits against tobacco users from Altria. Force is thus independent again, as Altria has its share of power in relation to its own shareholders in the form of a dividend in kind over. On 29 October 2007 was announced to take part of the Kekssparte Danone, with brands like LU or Mikado for almost € 5.3 billion.